10 LinkedIn Tips To Take Your Career To The Next Level

I had a great opportunity to help Microsoft kick-off the new year of Microsoft D3 Live and Interactive. Today we focused on “Starting Something New” in 2012. During my portion I focused on social networking and leveraging LinkedIn to take your career to the next level. I wanted to share some of the top tips I’ve used over the years while using LinkedIn. Below are the tips, but if you want the full details of every tip, make sure you watch the video that explains everything clearly for you.  Good luck in 2012!

1. Add your LinkedIn URL to your business cards.
2. Add business cards to LinkedIn.
3. Keep LinkedIn up to date.
4. Connect with Groups on LinkedIn.
5. Sign-up for LinkedIn Business or Business Pro.
6. Customize your LinkedIn URL.
7. Don’t copy and paste content to LinkedIn from other social networks.
8. Help others connect and find each other. Become the center of the hub.
9. Use LinkedIn Answers to show your strengths and knowledge.
10. Provide value, engage in conversations, network.

Get Social and Engage In Converstaions



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