10 Reasons Why You Will Be On Google+ Soon

Nearly all of you will be on Google+ Soon

Google+ is changing the web in more ways than you can imagine. Google is finally taking social seriously and has taken incredible steps to ensure the success of Google+. I’ve been using Google+ for some time now, and people are always asking “Why do you use Google+?”. Besides being an incredible way to discover new friends, it’s an incredible way to share information with people and truly connect. I thought I would type up the reasons I think everyone is going to be on Google+ very soon. And to be clear, Google+ is not competing with Facebook in my mind. Google+ is a knowledge company, and Facebook is in the entertainment business.

1. Google dominates mobile devices with Android.

Google+ will be on your phone, and everyone else’s phones.

2. Google dominates web search.

It’s not even a close battle here. Google+ is already integrated into Google Search, just type “+Pepsi” in the Google Search box.

3. Google dominates online video.

Online video is taking over, and YouTube is the king. Guess what social platform is going to be completely integrated with YouTube?

4. Google dominates advertising on the web. 

5. Google is integrating Google+ with everything you already use.

You won’t be able to ignore Google+, it will be everywhere.

6. Google+ will drive Google Search results.

If you want to be found on the web, you will need to use Google+

7. Google lets you export everything from Google+.

Unlike facebook, you don’t have to worry about not owning your content.

8. Google is investing millions into Google+.

They are bringing their entire army into this battle.

9. Google’s founder is transforming the entire company into a “Social” focused company.

Employee’s bonuses are now tied to how well Google does at Social.

10. Google+ is awesome!
It’s clean, has amazing features, lets you control information, and lets you share things the way you always wanted.

If you enjoyed this article, you should read “Why Google+ is Not Competing with Facebook” Do you use Google+ yourself? What are your thoughts on Google+ and what it means to social networking? Let us know below.

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  1. Jpbrandanophoto says:

    I am really loving what I see so far!! Looks like a great marketing tool!!

  2. Glenarborgirl says:

    Sorry, I still don’t “get it.”  My friends are on Facebook. And the group I am a part of on Google + isn’t very active yet, as far as I can tell that is.

    1. Klado says:

      Fair enough.

      Before G+, there were Google profiles, but now, Google+ will become Google profiles. In resume, you will need a Google+ profile to use anything Google, that is the direction they are taking.

      Youtube will become what Chrome web store did (check the review section for any new extension) and like Facebook itself shows, Youtube is the second most liked brand page next to Facebook, what would happen if that black bar on G+ make it to Youtube? people will start noticing Google+, now what would happen when everything notification maintain them stuck on G+?

      Android is the most used mobile OS, what would happen with ICS comes out? with hang out integrated as skype? or chord right there? or lets say Chrome? fact is, Google+ is no competing with Facebook for your social graph but, recreating a social driven platform out of Google.

      Google+ will become Google.

  3. vinothr says:

    Google+ is the future – Well, right now you’ll be saying “But, all my friends are on Facecrap, what’s the point of joining G+?” – I say, give it another year or so, it’s still new and once G+ takes over other Google services like Youtube as the main comment hub, that’s when it’s over! For now, you guys can make fun of G+’s fail growth *cough*, declining active users *cough* or believe in the “G+ is a ghost town” theory *cough* 

  4. Google+ All The Best, The Future, The Color, The Brightness.

    IHF – I Hate Facebook(tm)

  5. Alex Henley says:

    (Redirected from Google+)

    Twitter is a way to masturbate all over yourself and your celebrities. Facebook is good for stupid cat videos and creeper exes and that one girl you met that one time but you don’t remember where and having your grandma stalk you and call you at midnight pointing out how stupid you are. Google+ is a place for discovery and sharing life changing information with your closest, most relevant friends, as well as the world, if you feel so inclined.  The subjective personal approach gives it that edge it needs.

  6. Thanks for all your comments and emails. I really appreciate them and read every single one.  To me, it’s not Facebook vs. Google. Google+ is what the iPad was to PC’s. It created a whole new space. More on this in a future article.

    1. rahul says:

      Thanks for writing about awesomeness of Google+

    2. Mike Chaliy says:

      What are talking looks like fanboism :|. None of the items you outlined is something unique or even better implemented.

  7. rahul says:

    thanks for creating this i should share this post to everyone to explore the awesomeness of Google+

  8. Theimportanceofu Sara says:

     Would love a simply place to park and reach people like cliental with ease. A friendly to use simple concise and presentable, I need it right now LIKE RIGHT NOW, when are we going to see it?

  9. Theimportanceofu Sara says:

     Would love a simply place to park and reach people like cliental with ease. A friendly to use simple concise and presentable, I need it right now LIKE RIGHT NOW, when are we going to see it?

  10. Annon. says:

    what a load of shit. for those sad fucks who don’t have a life, this might be relevant. but the reality is, that no application will ever replace real social interaction – we are breeding a whole generation of application junkies that are going to be so socially inept that they might as well be shot.

    1. Stb1990 says:

      Social Network connects us internationally…

  11. Anonymous says:

    bonjour a toutes et a tous

  12. Dave says:

    1. millions are not on android.
    2. search is fine without + options
    3. youtube usable without +
    4. immaterial to the + conversation
    5. only if you use google products
    6. speculative
    7. facebook gives you complete zip file download of content now
    8. immaterial
    9. good for them. everyone else is focused on social, too.
    10. opinion

    1. Ari Herzog says:

      I can’t say it better.

      G+ has its advocates and evangelists, and depending who I talk to depends if I wear one of those hats. But when people I know use Facebook, why should I ask them to join someplace else?

    2. Stb7 says:

      How pessimist can your response be? really, I will save you to spot the ignorance.

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more.  Even since this was originally posted a few weeks ago we’ve seen integration after integration show up with search, authors, the release of business pages, and now I see Google+ pages creeping up the rankings for branded searches.

    Soon the “my cat did a funny thing” will make it’s way to Google+ and it won’t just be a hangout for techies.

  14. Mike Chaliy says:

    >> 7. After Google+ right? thankz who? Facebook?

    No, you were able to download this zip way before G+ was even thought… I have zip file, for something about 2009.. Not sure really.

    1. Stb7 says:

      Not as easy as it is now.

      Facebook has gone from, two stream to only 1, better list management akin to circles, more transparent privacy settings, more transparent features like that of downloading your data or deleting facebook. In fact, FBook has reworked itself so long as to keep it in leverage with Google+, but… They don’t have mobile, youtube, search and the inventory I won’t write just to shut the doubts, Google is here to destroy FBook in the run.

      1. Mike Chaliy says:

        lol, that’s funny, I cannot think of ppl who care of features you outlined. 1% or 0.1%?… G+ now tries to encourage ppl that they are somehow different from Facebook, so they found stupid features, implemented them and get fanboys to believe that this is what they need.

        Mobile, FB is on all mobile phones, FB apriory has more videos, because it aggregate videos from youtube, itself and others, search is partnered with bing(hope this will work)…

        Anyway, they way like FB is partnering to other to get best form the word, not implementing everything not invented here, is in my eyes much better for ppl.

        1. Stb7 says:

          Just to kill the topic:

          Google gives people – Search, adsenses, adworld, admob, doubleclick, android, chrome, earth, gmail, calendar, docs, picasa, sketchup, blogger, youtube, latitude, maps, news, froogle, reader, goggles, talk, translate, voice, feedburner, picnik, web fonts, code, alerts, checkout, groups, finance, patent search, scholar, analytics, trends, and now Music and Google+. Just for the same they do give Facebook. All that mentioned will soon an ingrained part of Google+, if you think Facebook can leverage to that, I feel sorry for your motto.

          “Anyway, they way like FB is partnering to other to get best form the word, not implementing everything not invented here, is in my eyes much better for ppl.”

          Is that the only argument you got to offer? .

  15. Neil Patel says:

    Social Media has two clear paths, one for those genuine social junkies who want to make friends and connect with people around the world. Second is the business who wants to create more loyal sales and customers. Its doesn’t matter which of those paths your down you simply cannot afford to dismiss Google+ as a platform if your serious and passionate about either.

    Personally speaking Google+ seems to already hold a number of features which could provide Google+ with some advantages over many social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    If you want more friends or want to grow your business then you should give Google+ a try.

  16. Matan Mates says:

    What a pile of bullshit, you CAN export data from Facebook now actually(Fully, all Statuses you ever made, all images you ever uploaded/were tagged with you), You keep repeating the fact that Google dominates this in that and reinstate that fact like in seven different facts but that’s rather irrelevant, how does the fact it dominates advertising matters?, Facebook is already as famous as it needs to be, its as viral and a household name as google is, plus, it has a rather powerful advertising platform on itself, considering people tend to avg alot more time on facebook than on Google, plus share ALOT more data.

    Money was invested into Google Wave, Google Buzz and a flurry of other products, throwing money at it doesn’t fix it.

    Google dominates online videos, again, how does it matter? i hope your not trying to claim you can’t post videos on Facebook(Upload/HL from youtube).

    Google with Android,wait, what??!? is there no Facebook app for android?.

    Anyway, nearly all of these points are purely bullshit.

    1. Fgbfbf says:

      Facebook may lets you export your data,but you can’t delete it from their servers…and google dominates advertising with adwords.

  17. Matan Mates says:

    He’s actually pretty right, half of these claims just show how the author fails to understand the difference between causality and correlation

  18. Vetinary The Patrician says:

    Are you 5 years old?? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP…

  19. edmundo says:

    Google+ will take over mainly because the “social era” is actually finished, were now in the mobile era, social is now merely a feature of mobile, just like how email and instant messaging became a feature of social before it, and the Web became a feature of instant messaging and email, unless Facebook releases a phone they can easily be overtaken, but even releasing a phone at this pint won’t win them mobile, just keep them a small niche maybe.

  20. James Smith says:

    I won’t be on anything Google, ever.  I don’t trust them at all.  They collect personal  information to sell to anyone that asks.  If any government agency hints they might like it, they give it away.  So no gmail. no Google search, no Google anything.

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